'He Said, He Said': Adult Male Performer Claims Gay Sex Strictly 'Gay for Play,' but Another Performer Claims Otherwise

Friday July 16, 2021

This year, coming out has been pretty much a one-way street — down many different avenues — away from the straight world, so when someone comes out as heterosexual, well, it provokes some interest.

Such is the case with adult male star Donte Thick, who took to Twitter to tell the world that, off-camera, he is straight. He also has claimed he's never had sex with a man that wasn't "pay for play," according to a report by adult male website The Sword.

"Let's get some shit straight. I havent filmed a gay scene in 2 years. It was ALL gay for pay at 2k a scene. Never once did i hook up with a guy that was not porn related," Thick tweeted. "I filmed some bi scenes and the pay was SHIT! 500 a scene. So i stopped filming stuff i wasnt into."
He continued his story with more tweets:

"If you saw something on onlyfans then it wasn't Gay for Pay it was me seeing if i was actually 'fluid' in sex. Turns out I'M NOT! I love my homies and will always be friends but not in a sexual way its not who i am. I'd rather beat a guy up and fuck pussy. Hint why i do."

Thick continued his tirade — making use of the homophobic term "fags" (albeit claiming no disrespect) — explaining that scenes "where a guy likes a 'str8' guy to degrade them" is "something i do ... on a cam show." He then claimed "most of my fans have a very warped view of who i am. I am married with 2 kids."

He added that he turned to adult male filmmaking after an injury while working construction. After successfully filming a "piss" scene, he "figured i could do porn."

He concluded his retweets by saying he began his adult male career to "provide for my fam and still be a man. Its all an act. Any mainstream gay is a ACT and was done very long ago," and warned disgruntled fans that they can unfollow him.

"The fan reactions to Donte's heterosexual coming out tweets were mixed," The Sword writes, "but the most notable reaction has to be from popular porn star and Naked Sword performer Wesley Woods."

Then, in a series of tweets, published by The Sword, Woods engaged in a 'he said, he said' debate that contradicts Thick's claim that he didn't have sex with a man for pleasure. "LIESSS!! We fucked- off camera, nothing to do with porn and you weren't paid. Get outa here with this mess," Woods tweeted.

This led to quite the back-and-forth between the two performers.

Thick tweeted at the time: "Ya everyone SHOULD be tested. I don't want to work with anyone who's undetectable or detectable. Would be very nice to make this mandatory and also mandatory tests. Idk just sounds smart to me."

Science, though, contradicts Thick's opinion. As the National Institutes of Health reports, "In recent years, an overwhelming body of clinical evidence has firmly established the HIV Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) concept as scientifically sound, say officials from the National Institutes of Health. U=U means that people living with HIV who achieve and maintain an undetectable viral load—the amount of HIV in the blood—by taking and adhering to antiretroviral therapy (ART) as prescribed cannot sexually transmit the virus to others."