Watch: California Democratic Lawmaker Joins Grindr to Encourage a 'No' Vote on Newsom Recall

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Thursday September 9, 2021

Embattled California Governor Gavin Newsom has fresh support from an unexpected direction. A Democratic state lawmaker has joined Grindr to promote a "No" vote on the recall election, local news channel ABC 7 reports.

California Assemblymember Evan Low, interviewed about his having signed onto Grindr, characterized Grindr as "an app in the LGBTQ community in which individuals communicate with one another, and of course, especially in politics it's that much more difficult to get individuals where they are. Why not have a conversation, not in the landlines or mail pieces, but rather as individuals talk?"

Low went on to add, "I'm excited to be able to talk to individuals, so find me on that app if you wish to talk about a 'No on Recall,' or have any questions."

"Assemblyman Low, who represents the Silicon Valley, announced on Twitter earlier this week he joined Grindr to discuss voting 'no' on the California Gubernatorial Recall and support Governor Gavin Newsom," ABC 7 noted.

"Let's chat about Voting 'NO' on the Republican Recall!" Low's tweet said. "California deserves better".

The tweet included an image of Low's Grindr profile, which includes a photo of Low standing with Gov. Newsom. "Hello beautiful!" the profile reads. "I'm on here to urge you to VOTE NO on the Republican Recall!"

Supporters and detractors alike left comments on the Twitter thread.

The New York Daily News explained how the recall works.

"Voters will be asked to answer two questions: Whether Newsom should be recalled from the office of governor, and who should succeed him if he is recalled."

"If a majority of voters say yes to the first question, the governor will be recalled. The candidate with the most votes on the second question would then win the election, with no majority required."

The article went on to state that out of 55 attempts to recall a California governor in the last 110 years, only Gov. Gray Davis, a Democrat, has actually been replaced. The result of that 2003 vote installed Republican candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger in the governor's mansion.

If a majority of voters cast a "no" ballot, Newsom will remain in office.

When the anchorperson interviewing Low noted that the assemblyman is happily in a relationship, Low smiled, saying, "That's right...I did ask for permission first."

Watch the ABC 7 news clip below.

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