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Wednesday September 1, 2021

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In 2021, staying fit and healthy is incredibly important and, more and more people are choosing to actively invest in their physical health and well-being. Post-pandemic, gyms and leisure centres are enjoying a slow but steady return to normality, however, figures show that a large number of customers are opting instead for the use of a personal trainer. As this trend grows, a large number of personal trainers are getting onboard with tools like Booksy to help them manage new hybrid ways of serving their clients.

Working Out the Logistics

There are around 13,770 personal trainers registered in the UK — 80% of which are freelance — needless to say, the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns posed a particular challenge to these individuals whose business relied on one to one contact with their customers. They say that necessity is the mother of invention and, during the past year and a half, plucky personal trainers have had to come up with innovative ways of continuing to work with their customers and to keep that all important cash flowing in. These innovations have included:

The Great Outdoors

During warmer weather, personal trainers tackled COVID-19 restrictions by working with their clients outdoors in public parks and other green spaces. This proved to be extremely popular as many clients felt energised by the combination of exercise and good old fresh air.

Virtual Classes

A decade ago, the term 'virtual workout' would have had most people scratching their heads but, in 2020, this very much became a thing. As gyms and personal contact was declared off limits, lots of personal trainers began to look to technology to help them continue working. Luckily for them, there were plenty of video tools available in the form of Zoom and Facebook video messaging which provided convenient and affordable ways of conducting training sessions online. While this form of training took a bit of getting used to, customers soon began to appreciate the convenience of being able to complete their personal training session from home; saving both time and money on travelling to a gym or leisure centre.

Once restrictions began to lift, a significant number of clients found that their virtual sessions were so effective that they had no desire to return to the old way of doing things and, in fact, many personal trainers found themselves busier than ever as they found new clients in the form of people who had previously avoided working out due to a reluctance to join a gym.


About Time for Trainers

While increased business is, of course, welcome news for personal trainers, this has presented a unique challenge — how to effectively manage a combination of on-site and virtual appointments? For many, the solution comes in the form of Booksy's scheduling software — an affordable and easy to use management system that helps to keep personal trainers on track.

Booksy gives personal training clients access to an app through which they are able to book, amend and cancel their appointments with their personal trainer. The app then uses cutting edge AI (artificial intelligence) technology to effectively manage appointments based on previous sessions. This game changing software means trainers can optimise the time spent with clients and can easily manage multi-site and multi-channel appointments, including in-gym, virtual and video.

Video Sessions

Another lucrative spin-off for personal trainers is the video session. Created for clients who are short on time, personal trainers can create personalised workouts for their clients to be purchased through the Booksy app and downloaded. Clients can then perform their session at a time and place which is convenient for them and their busy lives. For clients, this is incredibly convenient as they don't have to conduct the entire workout all at once and can, if necessary, break it down into more manageable chunks to fit around their busy lifestyles.


After the uncertainty of the early months of 2020, personal trainers have undoubtedly become the comeback kings when it comes to innovation. As a result, they're now able to offer their valued customers increased flexibility through a range of options when it comes to their workouts and one to one training sessions. This greatly benefits personal trainers, customers and, also, gyms and leisure centres who are able to more effectively manage the number of people within the premises due to the increased popularity of hybrid training. As the colder months approach, we may see a decrease in the number of clients willing to brave the outdoors for their personal workouts but, one thing is clear, in 2021, the virtual workout has been a resounding success — and is most definitely here to stay.