A 'Good Few Inches of Rain' Cause Havoc for the BBC

Monday September 7, 2020

A 'Good Few Inches of Rain' Cause Havoc for the BBC
  (Source:Getty Images)

There was something wet coming the way of the population of the British county of Essex last Saturday, which the BBC forecasted with a surprising graphic: a storm front resembling an erect penis.

"The tweet from BBC Essex, which has since racked up over 128,000 likes as well as 43,000 retweets and comments, noted "Weather: More heavy showers across Essex overnight" and included a picture of the storms in a formation that resembled a penis," reported Page Six.

BBC weatherman Owain Wyn Evans responded to the rudely-shaped image and said: "Goodness! That looks to me like a good few inches of rain overnight," reports the Daily Mail.

The image came to the BBC just days before its rival media network Channel 4 broadcasted a number of erect penises in a special called "Me and My Penis," which went on the air on Monday night.

The image, tweeted by the BBC, immediately went viral.

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