Adult Male Star Reveals Violent Assault by Fellow Actor Last Year

Sunday January 9, 2022
Originally published on January 8, 2022

August Alexander, a Noir Male "Brand Ambassador," was arrested last year for a violent assault on adult male performer Bobby Ryker, "who just shared bloody photos of himself and revealed that Alexander was arrested after violently attacking him in Palm Springs last year," reports the adult male site

The adult entertainment company's "Brand Ambassador" program was defined in an EDGE investigative report last year by the company's Creative Director NuEric: "We're using brand ambassadors to be the people's voice and to hear feedback and bring that back to the powers that be and ensure that we're creating content that our consumers appreciate and like."

In the EDGE piece a number of "Brand Ambassadors" were interviewed, but Alexander was not amongst them.

Note: the images in the following tweets below are of an extremely violent nature and could be triggering.

In the Tweet, Ryker writes: "Ok I'm goona do this thing I don't want to do ....but it's time. Last summer I was brutally assaulted by another performer when we were sharing a room in Palm Springs under the context of making content. I'm still working through it but it's time to talk about it."

In a second tweet, he explained what precipitated the violence: "I barely knew him.. He wanted to date & I said no .. there is Nothing more. I was stone cold sober and at the time I thought he was too."

After revealing Alexander's identity, he provided more details accompanied by a pic: "After repeated conversations about how we wouldn't be more than friends.. he got angry and verbally abusive. I told him I was leaving and went to pack my things.

"He sucker punched me while I was packing my bag."

Two additional tweets revealed the extent of his injuries.

(Please note: extremely graphic pics.)

"Then he pushed me down on the bed climbed on me choking with hands and began biting my torso.

"He ripped back and forth as though he was trying to rip my flesh from my body," he wrote.

And went on to explain the stitches on the back of his head. "I was able to get him off me and as I was leaving the room he cracked me in the back of the head with a clothes iron."

He added that Armstrong was arrested that night "and released due to Covid. He's charged with felony assault with a Deadly weapon with intent to cause great bodily harm ...He's skipped out on all court appearances and there is a warrant out for his arrest."

Alexander was unapologetic, pretty much admitting it happened but dismissing it.

"And when August Alexander was confronted by Twitter user Joss Hoskie about the felony assault, Alexander tweeted that Ryker should 'get over it already...months later and you wanna revisit this.' As if that weren't bad enough, Alexander then wrote, 'shit is months old.' "