Treat Yourself to a Pleasure Trip with Tracy's Dog® Turboo

Monday October 18, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted society by limiting interactions due to social distancing and stay-at-home orders across the world. As we all are sexual beings, limited interactions mean a decline in sexual needs met. It is frustrating in that our safety wholly depends on the very reason for this decline.

Although, just because you are in the middle of staying healthy and safe during the pandemic does not mean you have to forget about your sex life as you know it. Cut the blues and allow us to remind you that you are your safest sex partner.

There has never been a time when masturbation is more highly encouraged and recommended than now. The pandemic has shed light on masturbation as one of the keys to coping with it.

Masturbation has cushioned the blow of the pandemic on most people with its positive effects. It is no wonder that eliminating the stigma around masturbation sent adult toys companies to reach unprecedented sales spikes now more than ever.

So toss aside the toys you may already have and try something that could surely elevate your masturbation game to a whole new level of excitement.

If you are only about to start your self-pleasure stash, then you might as well begin with something that will set the bar high.

Turboo: What's in it for You?

Turboo is an advanced male masturbator with one goal: rock your world with the orgasm you have never imagined before. A satisfied user wrote, "Damn! I wish I could discover this earlier!"

Famous sex toy brand Tracy's Dog exclusively developed and used the CFEET: Centrifugal Forced Ejaculation Enhancement Technology in Turboo. This first-of-its-kind technology enables Turboo to output ultra-high rotation speeds and centrifugal force. The rotation ensures stimulation of the male genitalia and produces an out-of-this-world pleasure to men.

Turboo's CFEET technology comes with three powerful vibration frequencies of up to 13000 rounds/min. With this, you can expect one hell of a rocketship joy ride to the moon and back each time you use it.

Another mind-blown user on Amazon stated that its appearance and full sense of technology got his attention. He wrote how great the material felt and noted that he liked how the three modes quickly gave him an incredible orgasm.

Turboo uses a built-in high-speed rotating ball. The ball's center of gravity deviates from the axis to drive the masturbation cup to move in all directions. So based on how and where you grip the Turboo, it can fully radiate and cause deep stimulation to massage the penis thoroughly.

One fascinated user from Amazon liked its rocket shape and thought it was a techy-looking device. "I received it this morning, and I have already used it twice. It is incredible how the soft silicone inner brushes are a great tease on the shaft!" he wrote. He went on to say that he can imagine how many times he will use his incredible stroker.

We have talked about the design, technology, and how wave after wave of pleasure will surely be in the palm of your hand with Turboo. But wait! There is more.

Special Features. One thing that you should watch out for when buying sex toys is making sure it is made of body-safe materials. Now, Turboo is made up of medical-grade silicone, which makes it stretchy and accommodates any size! Another notable material used is its ABS plastic, which is relatively harmless with no known carcinogens.

In terms of charging, Turboo makes your hour count with its feature of one full charge equivalent to a 60-minute wild pleasure adventure! And when it comes to cleaning, it is effortless, with an IPX7 rating giving you water and dust protection.


You do not need to, but you may start by applying water-based lubricant to your penis for heightened satisfaction. Press and hold the ON/OFF button for two seconds to activate the vibration mode. Press the button again to switch among the three vibration modes quickly. To turn the device off, simply press and hold the ON/OFF button for two seconds.

Treat Yourself

Turboo retails at $119.00 — a bang for its buck, considering all the features you will be enjoying. Don't just wonder how epic your enjoyment will be. Be the one experiencing all the pleasure trips you could take again and again.

In case you still need another push at this point, consider this 5-star user review from Amazon: "It brought me to ecstasy in no time at all. I was lucky to get this baby well worth the money. Treat yourself. You will not be disappointed."

You know you deserve it. Get it now. You can thank us later.