10 Religious Universities Living Up to LGBTQ+ Values of Inclusion

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday August 28, 2021

In new findings reported by Washington University in St. Louis, conservative Christians reported that bias against Christians is currently as severe as bias against LGBTQ+ people.

"This is especially common among conservative Christians, who also are more likely to believe that Christianity is a defining feature of being American," said Clara L. Wilkins, principal investigator and associate professor of psychological and brain sciences in Arts & Sciences. "As a result, they see themselves as being at odds with LGBTQ individuals, who are perceived as having increasing social influence."

One environment that may be a potential incubator for such ideologies is on campus at religious universities. But many campuses practice what they preach, implementing programs and services to help their queer students thrive. Campus Pride's recent "Best of the Best" list for LGBTQ+ students also included ten religious schools "living up to LGBTQ+ values of inclusion."

The Campus Pride Index requires campuses to complete an 80-question assessment to evaluate LGBTQ+-inclusive benchmarks around policy, program and practice. Take a look at what colleges scored high marks.

Loyola Marymount University, CA

Emory University, GA

Augsburg University, MN

Guilford College, NC

Willamette University, OR

Lebanon Valley College, PA

Southern Methodist University, TX

Virginia Weslyan University, VA

Gonzaga University, WA

Georgetown University, Washington DC

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