John Waters Reveals His 10 Favorite Films of 2019

Monday December 2, 2019

Filmmaker John Waters
Filmmaker John Waters  (Source:Photo by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP)

Director John Waters is sharing his annual list of his 10 favorite films, which he posts to Artfourm.

The "Pope of Trash" lived up to his nickname, adding a number of out-there films alongside some bigger movies. Among those is "Joker," coming in 10th place. Waters writes: "Irresponsible? Maybe. Dangerous? We'll see. The first big-budget Hollywood movie to gleefully inspire anarchy. Bravo, Todd Phillips! Only you could get away with it."

Elsewhere on his list, the "Pink Flamingos" filmmaker is fond of Pedro Almodovar's self-reflective "Pain and Glory" and Quentin Tarantino's love letter to Tinsel Town, "Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood." But it is enfant terrible Gasper Noe's excellent and trippy nightmare "Climax" that lands his top spot.

Waters writes:

The best movie of the year gives new meaning to the term "bad trip." Frenzied dance numbers combined with LSD, mental breakdowns, and childhood trauma turn this nutcase drama into "The Red Shoes" meets "Hallucination Generation." Freak out, baby, freak out!

Click here to see Waters's full list at Artforum.

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