How Did a Popular Porn Meme Find Its Way Into the Capitol Insurrection?

Saturday February 6, 2021

How did the porn star known as Wood find his way into the Capitol insurrection? And how did he turn up in an FBI arrest warrant?

Those questions are answered by the website The Sword "The FBI just included some gay porn in an arrest warrant for Brian P. McCreary, a 33-year-old Domino's Pizza employee who was allegedly rioting at the Capitol last month."

In the photo, McCreary stood beside Jacob Chansley, the Q'Anon Shamon, inside a room at the Capitol that circulated after the January 6th insurrection. Behind them is a portrait of a 19th century Kentucky senator. But in the evidence, the photo had the late porn star Wood photoshopped into the frame. "Wood is a solo scene from Pantheon Productions that features the late porn model Wood jacking off in bed. A photoshopped image of Wood later became a well-known meme that is used to prank unsuspecting people."

In the prank, the Sun reported last March, someone would click on a forwarded coronavirus message, and it would open to the image of Wood and his enormous, photoshopped dick. "The joke has become so widespread that online outlets are now selling t-shirts and other merchandise with the picture printed on them," wrote The Sun.

The man who took the photo, Walter Smith, that he took it around 2009, and on the site, his subject went by the name, "Wood," and that he died in 2016. His solo video became the number one video streamed on Naked Sword last May because of the meme.

Smith told TMZ that he owns the copyright on the image. He is "not upset folks are hawking shirts because that's just the way the world works nowadays. However, he'd like to see profits from that merch to go to the man's family," wrote TMZ.

Smith will not reveal Wood's real name but says he would put vendors in touch with the family if they want to donate to them.