'Yassification' is Making the World a Gayer Place

Thursday November 25, 2021
Originally published on November 15, 2021

"Yassification" is defined by the Urban Dictionary as "the process†of†making†someone†more gay."

It is also trending thanks to users downloading a photo editing app to "yassify" a photo — i.e., to take photos of people "and edit them to look hyper-femme," reports the website PopBuzz.

"The term first surfaced among LGBTQ+ people in early 2021. However, the memes took on a life of their own in November after a yassified photograph of Toni Collette in†'Hereditary' went viral. Since then, almost every icon has been yassified."

BuzzFeed News did a breakdown on why the Collette pic went viral, citing a tweet that reads: "This one went viral cuz of the juxtaposition of this with the emotional scene."

And while there isn't a "yassify" app or filter available, FaceApp has a ton of features that people are using to create their "yassifcation" memes.

You can download FaceApp at this link.

An alternative to doing it yourself is to go to a popular Twitter account called Yassify Bot who responds to requests to "yassify" images. All you have to do is tweet a request to them, notes PopBuzz.

The Yassify Bot Twitter feed features as its avatar the famous Vermeer painting of "Girl With a Pearl Earring," but glammed up.

Here are some famous faces "yassafied":