With Bi-Awareness Day Coming Up, Canadian Actor François Arnaud Comes Out

Tuesday September 22, 2020

François Arnaud
François Arnaud  (Source:IMDB)

Canadian actor François Arnaud came out on his Instagram stories account as bisexual in anticipation of Bivisibility Day this Wednesday (September 23). The 35-year old actor, best-known for playing Cesare Borgia on three seasons of Showtime's "The Borgias," did so via Instagram stories, reports the French website TÊTU.

"I'm sure a lot of guys feel the same bisexuals and made like me by letting people assume I was straight without ever correcting," he writes on Instagram. "Maybe by afraid to say too much. Maybe in a sense of privacy. Probably because 'masculinity' is a fragile currency, ready to attack at the first signs of vulnerability or difference. And because it's fucking scary to say goodbye to your privilege, and without a doubt because bisexuality is still too attached to ideas of indecision, infidelity, deception and trendiness are still clinging to bisexuality."

"But here's the thing. Silence has the perverse effect of perpetuating those stereotypes, making bi guys invisible, and leading people to doubt that we even exist. No wonder it's still a chore to acknowledge bisexuality without getting into lengthy explanations.

"So yes, labels are frustrating and words imperfect.

"But I've always considered myself bisexual.

"Not confused or trying to look edgy.

"Not disloyal. Not ashamed. Not invisible.

"Happy @bivisibilityday this Wednesday."

François Arnaud on "Schitt's Creek" in 2017.

Arnauld made his film debut in 2009 as Xavier Dolan's boyfriend in "I Love My Mother." In 2013 he played an ambitious producer on the third season of Lifetime's "UnREAL." And in 2017 he appeared in an episode of multi-Emmy winner "Schitt's Creek" as a photographer who was an ex- of David Rose (Dan Levy).

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