Reports Confirm JoJo Siwa and Girlfriend Have Split

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Friday October 22, 2021

After a week of intense fan speculation, news sources have confirmed that out celebrity JoJo Siwa and her girlfriend, Kylie Prew, have split, Cosmopolitan reported.

Us Weekly broke the news that confirmed the rumors, Cosmopolitan said.

A confidential source told Us Weekly, "JoJo and Kylie did break up" during Siwa's current tenure on reality competition show "Dancing with the Stars."

The source said that the split happened "about two weeks ago," Us Weekly detailed, and said that some among the "DWTS" "cast are aware about the breakup."

Fans had taken note of Prew's absence from the "DWTS" audience, including the episode in which Siwa and her partner, professional dancer Jenna Johnson, thrilled viewers with a routine in which Johnson portrayed Cinderella while Siwa dressed as Prince Charming.

The source confirmed this detail, telling Us Weekly, "Kylie stopped attending the show so she hasn't been seen in the audience since they split."

Fans had also taken note of an Oct. 8 Instagram post in which Siwa wrote, "This has been a WEEK. My brain has never been so overwhelmed/overloaded with not only work but also personal life."

"While it's a rough time for her, she's handling 'DWTS' very professionally and still putting on a smile and giving 100 percent," the confidential source told Us Weekly. "She doesn't want to let down her fans."

In an Oct. 15 interview with People, Siwa appeared to reference a personal drama, saying that she "went through something that was new and I have never gone through before. It was tough and it is still tough. I cried about it last night and I'm probably gonna cry about it tonight because I'm 18 and I'm missing a piece of me that is the biggest piece of me, and that's okay."

Despite early rumors that Johnson may have prompted the breakup, UK newspaper the Daily Mail said that while Johnson knew of the split, she was not responsible for it. Rather, the insider said, Johnson is a "big sister" to the youthful, multi-talented star.

However, the insider said, "Kylie became jealous of the relationship JoJo has fostered with Jenna."

"JoJo is a mess," the source went on to say. "I think JoJo has always been a workhorse, but having a relationship and trying to keep up with a massive star schedule — it's a challenge."

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