Antoni Porowski Dishes About His New Cookbook

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Thursday November 4, 2021
Originally published on September 28, 2021

"Queer Eye" food expert Antoni Porowski has a new cookbook out, and he's been making the media rounds to talk about it.

Titled "Let's Do Dinner," the new culinary tome hit shelves on Sept. 14. It's Porowski's second book after his previous title, "Antoni in the Kitchen," Harper's Bazaar noted.

Calling his first book a "culinary memoir," Porowski noted that "Antoni in the Kitchen" "had a lot of my Polish heritage and stuff that I ate when I was a broke college student; recipes that never made it to 'Queer Eye,' that I was a little salty about, that I really wanted people to be able to enjoy."

"Let's Do Dinner," by contrast, is more specific: Porowski noted that it "really is a focus on what I think is the most important meal of the day."

With the new collection of recipes, Porowski shows that he can do more than find uses for avocados. Harper's Bazaar noted that he "made the conscious decision to offer a diverse array of recipes, rather than focus on one type of cuisine. He feels variety is important, especially now, when we're home more than ever — and maybe dreading making dinner on a daily basis."

Indicating he wanted to put the spotlight on "quick-ish, healthy-ish" dishes that are also "easy," Porowski told Harper's Bazaar, "The book is really varied in terms of having loads of plant-based options — maybe something more pescatarian for midweek, and then near the end of the week, when I'm just craving meat, I love ground turkey and rotisserie chicken."

Dinner can be a time to recharge mentally as well as nutritionally, Porowski went on to note. "At the end of the day, if you have a really good day, you just want something nice to end it with before you go binge 'Housewives,' or 'The White Lotus,' or whatever it is that you're obsessed with.

"But if you had a really crappy day, a great meal can be the most satisfying thing."

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The new title reflects the realities of Porowski's kitchen habits, geared toward dishes that are not overly complicated and time-consuming and that rely on commonplace staples.

"It's not a coincidence that a lot of the elements and the ingredients in the book get repeated a lot, but in very different ways," he told USA Today.

The kitchen auteur added that he's not inflexible about food preparation. "You go to a store and they don't have an ingredient and you have to figure out how to pivot — that used to freak me out," Porowski admitted to Harpers Bazaar. "But now, I get excited. Challenge accepted!"

If worse comes to worst and it's necessary to substitute ingredients, amateur chefs can proceed with Porowski's blessing, USA Today related. "With a lot of these recipes, I highly encourage people to swap things out," Porowski said, adding that seeking workarounds can lead to "some of the best discoveries" — though, he acknowledged, "sometimes you're going to make mistakes." That, too, is okay, he added; "you know what, you won't do it again after that."

The celebrity cook shared some personal anecdotes while chatting about the new book, saying that he's now like an uncle to fellow "Queer Eye" cast member Tan France's son — not being able to meet in person has meant "a shocking amount of FaceTime videos" — and regaling WSJ. Magazine with some self-care tidbits, such as walking next to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a Pride parade. After lunch, Trudeau extolled the virtues of getting eight hours of sleep every night — advice that Porowski took to heart.

Admitting that he takes "a shit ton" of supplements, Porowski also shared some workout tips. "Mondays are typically either back and bicep or chest and tricep," he detailed. "And then Tuesday, I do the reverse." Wednesday, he added, is "already a miserable day because it's hump day," so, he quipped, he designates that as "leg day."

On another topic, Porowski shared how he and his boyfriend, Kevin Harrington, dealt with the pandemic. "So he came to visit me in Austin for my birthday," Porowski disclosed. "He was meant to come for, like, three days. And he ended up staying in Austin with me for three months."

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