Thirst-Trapping: Adult Performer Appropriates 80s Term for 2021 Underwear Brand

Saturday September 11, 2021
Originally published on August 24, 2021

Adult performer Dean Young wants to give the term "yuppie" a new life, but with a difference. The 22-year-old has launched an underwear line he calls "Young Yuppy," re-spelling a term that he says he knew nothing about until recently.

While doing a shoot for another underwear brand in Thailand a few years ago, Young was inspired to start his own underwear and swimwear line.

"I always loved doing it and hoped that one day I could have my own men's underwear/swimwear brand. So over the lockdown period, I got my head down and started making cool designs that flattered the body and that I felt would make you feel sexy and confident and that I thought men would love because I knew I would love to wear the things I was designing so that's where the inspiration came from,"Young told The Sword (NSFW).

He initially wanted to call his brand Young Buck, but discovered that name was already taken. A friend suggested the word "yuppie" — a term from the 1980s to refer to "Young Urban Professionals," and Young was taken by it, though he had never heard it before.

"My friend mentioned 'yuppy' and I had no idea what it meant," Young told The Sword. "It's an old American term and he explained that it meant a 'fashionable young middle-class person with a well-paid job' so with Young being my last name and Yuppy, I thought it was cool and it really worked well."

Now his brand — Young Yuppy —has been launched with a website. "It all begins with an idea," it reads. "Young Yuppy was created to help men feel confident and look sexy. Whether it's for every day, party or beach we have something for you."

He posted a pic of himself on Instagram wearing his brand to celebrate Belfast Pride. Young lives in that Northern Island city.

Right prior to launch, he posted another thirst-trap:

Along with this one with him in pink.

Young also hired hunky ginger adult model Jonas Jackson to model some select Young Yuppy pieces, just to show that his brand isn't just for those under 25.