Review: Exploitation Flick 'Invaders of the Lost Gold' Deals Lurid Sex & Gore on Blu-ray

by Sam Cohen

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday August 2, 2021

Review: Exploitation Flick 'Invaders of the Lost Gold' Deals Lurid Sex & Gore on Blu-ray

Of all the nasty exploitation flicks churned out by legendary producer Dick Randall ("Don't Open Until Christmas," "Pieces"), Alan Birkinshaw's "Invaders of the Lost Gold" may be one of his most atrocious efforts. It has all the hallmarks of a video nasty movie done right; gratuitous nudity, shocking violence, and a whole bunch of corny dialogue. That being said, it has a rather flat plot that clearly understands how to pad with soap opera nonsense between the exploitative bits, making it a rather boring affair. But in the history of cheap B-movies produced and shot in the Philippines, it occupies an intriguing place thanks to its cast.

Severin Film brings "Invaders of the Lost Gold" to Blu-ray with a new 1080p presentation sourced from a 2K scan. While the video presentation suffers a bit from the what looks like damage on the film materials used for the scan, this new edition marks a major improvement over previous DVD releases of the film. Wide-angle shots tend to look softer, but that could also be attributed to the low-budget nature of the production. Colors are vivid and true across the board. Consider this another pleasing release from Severin, even if the movie itself is particularly egregious.

In the final days of WWII, a Japanese platoon is attacked by cannibals while trying to hide gold in the Filipino jungle. 36 years later, treasure hunter Rex Larson (Edmund Purdom) embarks on an expedition to find the survivors of that platoon to discover the location of the gold. He teams up with a grizzled bodyguard named Cal (Woody Strode) and tough guy Tobachi (Harold Sakata) to lead this dangerous expedition, with the help of a drunk guide (played by Stuart Whitman).

"Invaders of the Lost Gold" was filmed on the fly and with its script being rewritten on a daily basis, which you can tell from the very confusing narrative. Euro star Laura Gemser shows up to play one of Rex's ex-girlfriends, and proceeds to die under mysterious circumstances before any weight can be added to whatever character she's playing. That kind of confusing production is given a bit more depth in the featurettes attached to Severin's new release, including a new interview with director Alan Birkinshaw that kind of proves how the production was a mess plagued with issues.

The new Blu-ray of "Invaders of the Lost Gold" from Severin films looks pretty good and adds a couple of features to explore, although I'm not sure the film itself bears further inspection. If you're interested at all in Dick Randall, I'd encourage you to pick this release up just for that reason.

Other special features include:

• Outtakes from "Machete Maidens Unleashed" with director Alan Birkinshaw and wife of producer Dick Randall, Corliss Randall

"Invaders of the Lost Gold" is now available on Blu-ray from Severin Films.