Celebrity Dermatologist's Homophobic Rant Caught on Camera

Friday July 23, 2021

Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Alex Khadavi, who has done work on stars like Scott Disick, David Hasselhoff, and Lance Bass, was caught on surveillance camera hurling an anti-gay epithet at a neighbor in the lobby of a posh Beverly Hills condo, the Daily Mail reports.

"I'll fuck you up, fucking faggot!" a man alleged to be Khadavi can be heard yelling in the footage, which was obtained Thursday by TMZ, who adds: "He goes on to say he'll shoot these people and later threatens to kill them ... before taking his dog outside. When Khadavi returns to the lobby, he continues yelling at the front desk guy."

TMZ cites legal documents that say the incident occurred on July 7 and resulted in one of Khadavi's gay neighbors filing a restraining order against him for himself and his husband. In the docs, the neighbor claims the concierge told him Khadavi made threats about killing gay people, and specifically asked about him and his husband, and implied he was going to kill them. The concierge also said that a few months earlier Khadavi showed him a handgun.

The controversial celebrity dermatologist has not yet commented on this issue, the website Meaww reports.

This wasn't the first time

TMZ has reported on Khadavi making homophobic threats. In a 2016 report, the website wrote that "Million Dollar Listing" regular Matt Altman "requested and got a restraining order against Alex Khadavi, a famous L.A. dermatologist, who Matt says has been threatening him by phone and in person."

In the docs, Altman claimed Khadavi walked up to him at a real estate event, and when he asked him to leave the private event Khadavi blurted that he "hated all Jews" and said he was going to kill Altman.

Altman also said Khadavi had been making racist and homophobic comments over the phone for years, but now that the guy is doing it face-to-face. Altman also expressed he needs protection.

According to Meaww, Khadavi was "trained in complex skin treatment procedures like Botox, Juvaderm, and Advanced Laser Treatments, Dr Khadavi also dubs himself an expert in 'most advanced medical and surgical treatments of skin cancer, including melanoma'. . . The accomplished dermatologist is also the founder of Advanced Skin and Hair, which designs products for hair loss, hormonal acne, and anti-aging solutions. With over 42,400 followers on Instagram, the celebrity physician is widely hailed for his work."