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More Than Skin Deep: How Odyssey Wellness Tattoo Changes Lives

By Jill Gleeson | Feb 9
Darlene DiBona of Odyssey Wellness Tattoo specializes in working with people who have undergone mastectomies and gender reassignment surgery.

The A-B-Cs of the Ts

By Jerry Yelton | Nov 11
To be an ally to the T in LGBTQ, all queer, cisgender or straight allied individuals need to be aware of the ever-evolving lexicon used to define gender identity and expression.

New York College Professor Issues Controversial 'Female or Shemale' Quiz

By Ryan Lynch | Nov 11
A State University of New York professor is in hot water after giving a controversial "female or shemale" quiz.

Finland Will Continue Sterilizing Trans People

By Brittany Ferrendi | Sep 3
The cruel and unusual 'Trans Act' remains: Finnish law currently requires transgender people to be sterilized before legally changing their gender.

Reports Emerge of Trans Military Ban Policy

By Tucker Berardi | Aug 13
Despite a wave of criticism, Trump's capricious anti-trans military policy seems to be making its rounds and becoming more than just a series of tweets.

Drag Queen Trump Supporter Changes Pace Over Trans Military Ban

By Tucker Berardi | Aug 5
Ever since publicly announcing her support for then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, Miami Beach drag queen Elaine Lancaster has received countless criticisms from the LGBT community.

San Jose Trans Woman Describes Shooting Ex

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jul 23
The transgender San Jose woman who's in jail for allegedly shooting her ex-partner in a Costco parking lot said that she did it after years of fear and frustration, and that she hadn't been trying to kill him.

SAGE Tells Trump to Count the T in Seniors Survey

By Michael d'Oliveira | Jul 8
The Trump administration has restored sexual orientation to the National Survey of Older Americans Act. But gender identity is still missing and SAGE is demanding transgender individuals be put back in.

Body Scanners in SF to Help Trans Inmates

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jun 17
San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee wants $300,000 to pay for two body scanners in the city's jails, a step that's seen as crucial in helping trans inmates be housed according to their gender identity.

'Transparent' Cast in PSA for Trans Student Gavin Grimm

Mar 12
The PSA continues to illuminate how important Gavin's case has become as a rallying point for Americans everywhere, and features the testimony and heartfelt reflections of "Transparent" cast members

1 thru 10 of 290 Stories