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Native Engager: Tori Amos Talks Gay Mentors, Gets Political

By Chris Azzopardi | Sunday Sep 24, 2017
Before last year's political turn of events, the piano virtuoso took a summer road trip through North Carolina's Smoky Mountains to reconnect to her familial roots, setting into motion her nature-influenced 15th studio album. Amos chats us up.

Bisexual Activist Talks About Gender, Sexual Identity at Florida Atlantic

By Ryan Lynch | Saturday Sep 23, 2017
There was a feverish flurry of pens hitting paper during Wednesday afternoon in Florida Atlantic's Majestic Palm Room. But the students there weren't taking a test.

They're Back! Gays Hit Mainstream... Again!

By Richard Hack | Saturday Sep 23, 2017
The year was 1998. "Will & Grace" debuted as a half-hour comedy on NBC in what was arguably the biggest boon for homosexual acceptance in history. Now the show is coming back.

What's HOT South Florida :: Sept. 21 - 28

By Scott Holland | Thursday Sep 21, 2017
Old favorites return to television and magical new socks adorn happy feet... Summer may be behind us, but autumn blazes up with undiminished HOTNESS!

New Play 'Building The Wall' Reveals a 'Terrifying Scenario'

Saturday Sep 16, 2017
"Building The Wall," reveals a scenario of how campaign promises made law might lead to a terrifying, seemingly inconceivable, yet inevitable conclusion.

Creep of the Week: Sam 'LGBT Behavior is a Choice They Make' Clovis

By D'Anne Witkowski | Sunday Sep 10, 2017
Yet he's been tapped to be the undersecretary of agriculture for research, education and economics. He's taught economics before and has a degree in public policy, but that's not the same as being someone who understands and believes in science.

Seven Tips to Overcome Junk Food Cravings

By Tom Bonanti | Sunday Sep 10, 2017
How do you submerge those monster cravings when all that junk food is so handy and plentiful?

Kesha: My True Colors Shining Through

Sunday Sep 10, 2017
A message from Kesha to her LGBTQ fans.

Seven Fitness Challenges to Prove How Jacked You Are

By Mikey Rox | Sunday Sep 10, 2017
You can keep the extra pounds at bay outside of beach season by participating in fitness and adventure events galore.

'Patti Cake$' Breakout Star Talks Gay Role Struggles

By Chris Azzopardi | Saturday Sep 9, 2017
Meet Danielle Macdonald here, and check out what she had to say about the message she hopes her new film conveys to the LGBT community and the drag queens who play a major role in her upcoming film

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