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Daredevil - The Complete Second Season

by JC Alvarez
Wednesday Sep 13, 2017
Daredevil - The Complete Second Season

The urban jungle has a new defender! The studio that brought us the cinematic blockbusters "Avengers" and "Iron Man" has conquered the on-demand realm and given Netflix an Original Series that has to be seen! Marvel's "Daredevil" - The Complete Second Season has arrived on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD and for those who haven't experienced the world through the eyes of Matt Murdock, this is blind justice at its best!

The world has been transformed following the alien incursion that reigned down upon New York City and while many view the super powered Avengers as the city's greatest powerhouses, there are some threats - closer to the streets - that need a little more finessing. Blinded by accident, the same chemicals that took his eyesight also heightened attorney Matt Murdock's remaining senses. The Marvel character is brought to life by actor Charlie Cox.

Taking it upon himself to battle the corruption that is contaminating Hell's Kitchen, as the Daredevil, Murdock takes to the rooftops to deal his own brand of justice against the underworld menace of Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio) who is pulling the strings of New York City's gangland and various factions vie for control. All the while a new vigilante descends upon the city's criminal element, and the Punisher (Jon Bernthal) is taking no prisoners.

The Daredevil has it coming at him from all sides in this exhilarating Second Season that has helped launch another franchise hit for Marvel Studios that brings all of its Netflix-based properties together in the same fashion that "Avengers" brought all its heavy-hitters together in the recently launched "Marvel's Defenders." With the dangers of the kingpin Fisk, a punisher running rampant on the city streets, and the introduction of an old girlfriend Elektra Natchios, "Daredevil" is on fire!

The rough violence may be tough on some viewers; "Daredevil" arguably delivers on some of television's most brutal martial arts, but the production approaches it artfully and never lets the brutality overshadow the narrative of the storyline. The series also makes good with a colorfully articulate cast that includes Deborah Ann Woll as the "love interest" Karen Page, and Elden Henson as "Foggy" Nelson, Murdock's best friend and co-conspirator at the law firm.

All 13 Second Season episodes are included on the 3-disc set presenting each in high-definition and DTS Master Audio for a wildly theatrical effect. The lack of behind-the-scenes bonus features limits the excitement of this package but interestingly serves to focus on the actual narrative of this wonderfully exciting and hard-hitting adventure series. Marvel's "Daredevil" - The Complete Second Season is a fantastic entry into the Marvel Comics cinematic world!

"Daredevil" - The Complete Second Season
available now on Blu-ray 3-disc Set, DVD and Digital HD

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