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Good Kisser

by Eddie Shapiro
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Oct 7, 2019
'Good Kisser'
'Good Kisser'  

The stakes in Wendy Jo Carlton's unimaginatively titled "Good Kisser" aren't extremely high. The plot, such as it is, involves a couple, Kate and Jenna, arriving at the home of Mia, for their first three-way. Jenna is nervous and insecure. Kate is condescending and cold. Mia is warm and wise. All lives change with annoying predictability throughout the evening and the pouring of wine. Characters behave in ways that don't make a lot of sense, and things take longer than they should, seemingly in an effort to get the film to feature-length. The inevitable end is not only telegraphed from the opening frames, but it's also shrug-inducing. We don't care enough about the relationships here to engender more than a "So what?"

But Carlton has assembled a trio of women, Kari Alison Hodge, Julie Eringer and Rachel Paulson (sister of Sarah Paulson), who are so believably committed that this small story always manages to engage. Hodge is particularly winning, giving Jenna a quirky appeal that makes you root for her. So even when the script has Jenna let down her hair (palm hits forehead) or the women resort to improbable adolescent party games, or Uber magically pairs the heroines with the same lesbian driver twice in one night, the three carry us through. The dialogue is also interesting if the actual story isn't. And between the cast and the setting, a gorgeous craftsman-style house, there's plenty to look at. But these actresses are worthy of a script that's fully ready to come out of the oven.

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