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Was That Aaron Schock Poolside at LA Gay Hangout with Speedo-clad Young Man on Scruff?

Tuesday May 21, 2019

You might think that former Congressman Aaron Schock (and one of America's most prominent closet cases) is getting web attention this week because of the release of the "Downton Abbey" trailer. Wasn't it Schock who made headlines four years ago when it was revealed he had decorated his office to look like interiors from that hit British series?

But, no. Schock is getting attention this week from his public poolside antics in LA this past weekend as reported in on the website LGBTQNation.com.

Schock was poolside at the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood when journalist Erik Larson snapped pics of Schock and his "attractive speedo-clad young gay man who was on Scruff while they lounged by the pool," writes LGBTQNation.com.

Larson posted the pics on Instagram with editorial comments. The first with this comment:

"oh look it's the disgraced hypocritical former congressman Aaron Schock at our hotel pool with some boy who is on Scruff right now. He voted against gay rights and has the nerve the nerve to show up here like he's on a gay honeymoon. Can somebody please drag him? It's my birthday and I would like to watch. LOSER."

The second has the following:

"Former Republican Congressman Aaron Schock:

  • voted against repealing don't ask don't tell
  • voted to amend the Constitution to ban gay marriage
  • ruining my bday"

    "Schock was a reliably anti-gay vote for Republicans, despite the parade of young men who visited his DC apartment, and his outing by journalist Itay Hod in 2014. Hod claimed he had walked in on his male roommate and Schock showering together," the LGBTQNation.com report continues.

    "But the former Congressman is back on social media after moving to West Hollywood where's he's been spotted doing some of the most stereotypical gay things possible - hanging out in gay bars, posing shirtless with gay fitness junkies, and enjoying quiet dinners with other men."

    But as he spends more and more time immersed in gay culture, he is being called out by activists and journalists. "Last month, James Duke Mason posted photos of Schock with other gay men at the Coachella music festival, posing shirtless and having a grand old times," writes LGBTQNation.com. He was also seen on a video released by Queerty of dancing with another man with his hands down his pants.


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