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Don't Expect Fitbits to Improve Health, Help Drop Pounds

PERSONAL TECH | By Maria Cheng | Oct 9
Wearing a fitness tracker may help you keep tabs on how many steps you take, but the devices themselves - even with the lure of a cash reward - probably won't improve your health

Fitbit Motivational Feature to Take Users on Virtual Hikes

PERSONAL TECH | By Anick Jasdanun | Aug 31
Fitbit wants to help you exercise more by making you think you're hiking famous trails instead of your neighborhood.

Staying the Fitness Course

FITNESS | By Blake Beckcom | Aug 20
Face it, not all workouts are the same. The point in the end, is that you walk away feeling better about you, due to the "At least I did not bail" factor.

Six Healthy Foods That Satisfy Every Urge!

FITNESS | By Troy Maillis | Jul 24
Regardless of one's motivation, getting in great shape is always a good idea and can only improve one's quality of life-especially in the bedroom. A healthy diet is key.

How to Choose A Fitness Tracker When They all Sound the Same

PERSONAL TECH | By Anick Jesdanun | Jul 24
Most fitness trackers can measure a lot: steps taken, heart beats, sleep quality and workout performance. That's a lot of data, but are they useful?

How to Promote Muscle Growth Between Workouts

FITNESS | By Blake Beckcom | Jul 4
It is during the periods between workouts that muscle growth is stimulated. Without proper rest between sessions, the muscles cannot repair themselves properly, hindering any growth.

Samsung Challenges Fitbit with $180 Fitness Tracker with GPS

PERSONAL TECH | By Anick Jesdanun | Jun 4
Just in time for summer, Samsung is unveiling a new fitness tracker that aims to undercut gadgets from market leader Fitbit.

Squeeze in Quick Exercise Bursts in Your Busy Day

Little bursts of activity may offer the same health benefits as an intense gym session.

Injury-Free Workout Plan

FITNESS | By Blake Beckcom | Apr 24
By following a few simple steps you can avoid most common exercise-related injuries and be well on your way to making this your healthiest year ever.

Imax Gets In on Exercise Craze

Imax Shift is an indoor cycling experience with a wall-to-wall screen and pulsating sound.

1 thru 10 of 102 Stories