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Review: Hackers Fight the Power in 'Watch Dogs 2'

PERSONAL TECH | By Lou Kesten | Nov 20
Imagine if hackers were using their skills for good instead of evil. That's the idea behind "Watch Dogs 2" (Ubisoft, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, $59.99), which almost makes cybercrime cuddly.

Review: 'Titanfall 2' Brings Heavy Metal with a Light Touch

PERSONAL TECH | By Lou Kesten | Nov 5
Robots just want to be our friends. They know there have been a few bad apples like the Terminator, the Cylons and Ultron. But what about all the nice ones, like Data from "Star Trek" and Rosie from "The Jetsons"?

Nintendo Combines Portable and Home Gaming with Switch

Nintendo has announced a new gaming system that combines a portable handheld device with a dock to use at home.

Review: 'Imaginators' Lets Kids Build Their Own Skylanders

VIDEO GAMES | By Lou Kesten | Oct 22
If classic Skylanders like the pirate octopus Wash Buckler and the reptilian Rattle Shake give you nightmares, wait 'til you see what the kids come up with.

Facebook's Oculus to Start Selling Hand Controllers

VIDEO GAMES | By Brandon Bailey | Oct 10
Facebook says it's working to make virtual reality more social as the industry gets more crowded.

Batman, 'Battlezone' and Brainteasers Lead Sony VR Lineup

VIDEO GAMES | By Lou Kesten | Oct 8
Sony's new virtual-reality system, PlayStation VR, is more focused on games than its competitors. The company says there will be 30 titles at launch and 50 by year's end --?? impressive for a new technology.

Why Tetris is Still Popular, Generations Later

Ever since its emergence from Soviet-era Russia, Tetris has remained a favorite video game.

Lindsay Lohan Loses Lawsuit Versus 'Grand Theft Auto' Makers

A New York state appeals court on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit by actress Lindsay Lohan that says the producers of "Grand Theft Auto" used a likeness of her in one of their video games.

The Edutainment Video Game Pipeline: Why Teachers Should Beware

VIDEO GAMES | By Matthew Nelson | Aug 27
Last month, strategy game guru Sid Meier and video game publisher 2K announced the 2017 release of "Civilization Edu," a redesign of the wildly popular "Civilization" strategy game series specially tailored for classrooms.

Ready or Not, Pokemon Go Comes to the Rio Olympics

VIDEO GAMES | By Tim Reynolds | Aug 7
Pokemon Go - which has been available in some parts of the world, including the United States, for about a month - has just now arrived in the Olympic host city of Rio de Janeiro.

1 thru 10 of 97 Stories