XL’s "Cocktail Hour" on Point

by JC Alvarez
Wednesday Jun 13, 2012

XL Nightclub is shaking things up on Thursday night. The newly minted hub of nightlife culture located on 42nd Street in The OUT NYC Urban Resort is expanding on its cultural palette, artfully stirring up the cabaret format it has winningly revitalized on Gotham's weeknights with an additional splash of class.

After all club life isn't all strobe lights and smoke machines, drag queens and drink specials. At one time the nightlife was the epicenter of the exploratory art movement and the laboratory experiment of indescribable decadence that gave us some of the modern age's most remarkable pop artists. It evoked new imagery through music, fashion and especially dance that was meant to stimulate the senses and inspire the soul, a fact that didn't escape Marilyn Klaus and has inspired the choreographer to enhance the recipe of some of your favorite drink specials.

"People may not realize that Tchaikovsky (the Russian composer) was one of the first pop music artists," Klaus cheerfully insists. "That was such a golden age." His music would draw hundreds to the ballet and opera to indulge in his symphonic works. And Klaus is preparing to recapture some of that golden era, and for a special night the XL Cabaret will supplant Lincoln Center as the home of the ballet theater with the "Cocktail Hour."

Ballet’s Happiest Hour

Presented by Ballets With a Twist and choreographed by Marilyn Klaus herself, the evening’s ballet concerto will pay homage to and redefine the way patrons view the "happy hour".

Each vignette in the evening’s program is dedicated to the spirit of a favored drink recipe, elevating popular concoctions to intoxicating new levels. The martini has never been more graceful, the Roy Rogers more bold, the Mai Tai more merry, or the gimlet so giddy. The dance floor of the XL nightclub is being transformed into the more appropriate serving station to handle the troupe of dancers that will be serving up the evening’s entertainment classically dancing on a floor that is usually more inclined to the electronic/house beats of celebrity deejays.

From Dance Stage!

"I almost swooned," Klaus says upon first entering the XL Cabaret venue while scouting for Ballets With a Twist. "It harkens back to Busby Berkeley scenes - the glamour that I had seen in those films." It solidified her belief that the club setting would be a perfect location for the "Cocktail Hour," and that the audience would most certainly be ready to embrace the reinvented art of ballet when it takes over the most sophisticated dance floor in New York City.

"It all comes back to music," Marilyn says. "Classical ballet may have taught some the desire to move away from the love and reverence of the art form, and take from the modern dance, but the modern dance point of view has been to take ballet off the pedestal." And in this case, bring it into the club.

"People who go to clubs, love music, love the physical instrument. They’re expressing themselves when they’re dancing. This is a perfect pairing." And exactly the right mix of sophistication and urban distinction that continues to convince and promote that New York City along with the XL Cabaret are properly reclaiming and reigniting the tapestry of nightlife. Get ready to place your order at the ballet...with a twist.

"Cocktail Hour" at the XL Cabaret presented by Ballets With a Twist and choreographed by Marilyn Klaus will be served up on Thursday, June 14 @ 8pm. Order your tickets and don’t miss the happiest hour in town. Due to popular demand an additional show has been added on Thursday, June 21 @ 8pm just in time to celebrate the first Pride season of the XL Cabaret and The OUT NYC Urban Resort.

Tickets for "Cocktail Hour" at the XL Cabaret are now available at
XL is located at 512 West 42 Street, NYC

Native New Yorker JC Alvarez is a pop-culture enthusiast and the nightlife chronicler of the club scene and its celebrity denizens from coast-to-coast. He is the on-air host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Out Loud & Live!" and is also on the panel of the local-access talk show "Talking About".


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