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New E-Book Fuels Rick Perry Gay Rumors

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Tuesday Dec 20, 2011

Glen Maxey, a politician from Austin, Texas, who was the first openly gay member of the Texas Legislature recently published an e-book titled, "Head Figure Head: The Search for the Hidden Life of Rick Perry." The scandalous book details the GOP presidential hopeful's sex life -- with men.

Initially, Maxey spent most of last summer assisting a reporter for a "national news outlet" with gathering and researching Perry's gay sex rumors but the story was scratched. Instead of letting the juicy stories go to waste, Maxey collected them and published his e-book, reported Gawker in a Dec. 15 article.

"Head Figure Head" recounts a four-month investigation that Maxey and the mystery reporter conducted through mostly Facebook messages and chats.

"Glen had heard the rumors before but never investigated them," the Amazon description of the e-book reads. "Now curious, Glen sent out messages to his wide network of gay and political contacts. Within hours, he received astonishing information from multiple sources."

According to Gawker, Maxey was able to locate two men who claim they had sex with Perry. One is a male hustler who says Perry hired him around four times a year for hotel parties. The other gentleman claims he replied to a Craigslist ad that was allegedly posted by the GOP candidate.

The man is named "James" in the book and is a real estate agent. According to James, the ad asked for someone to "lie face-down on the bed, legs spread."

"He jerked down his shorts," James says in an excerpt of the book. "It lasted about a minute. He had a little dick. It was the worst fuck of my life. And on top of it all he stunk because he had been jogging. He then pulled up his shorts and put the used condom in his pocket."

Maxey says that James claimed to see a black SUV in the driveway outside of his house and a man with a gun drawn. Maxey also writes that James told the reporter he was insisting that he could be quoted using his last name and first initial of his first name and that he told a number of friends about his encounter with the GOP candidate.

One of the most infamous rumors about Perry being gay is when his wife, Anita, allegedly caught him in bed with his Secretary of State Geoff Connor and wanted a divorce. Maxey claims that he and the reporter visited Connor.

"I'm no longer a public official and I don't care to comment on that. I suggest you ask Rick Perry," Connor told the duo.

Maxey also talked to a "gay mallrat who always wore fancy clothes and jewelry [and] called Rick Perry his 'sugar daddy,'" Gawker writes. The mallrat, however, denied it when he talked to Maxey and the reporter. There are also rumors that Perry had an affair with a former legislator who had been convicted for misappropriation of funds. In addition, there is an alleged picture of Perry and the legislator, "shirtless in a field of bluebonnets" and that Perry went to a gay party with a friend who "had a his pinkie finger hooked into Perry's belt loop...all night long." The book also claims that Perry fired three gay staff members in a house cleaning once the gay rumors of Connor and Perry started to pop up.

Maxey says that the story was supposed to be published last October but the corporate parent of the "national news outlet" pulled the plug partly because Perry's campaign was falling apart.

In an excerpt from author James Moore's book, "Adios Mofo: Why Rick Perry Will Make America Miss George W. Bush," he explains why Perry is not gay.

"The problem with letting homosexuals have sex with each other is that it might turn into an emotional attachment and then if they fall in love they may want to marry," Moore writes. "Two homosexuals united in marriage, as Rick Perry tells everyone, is a threat to the institution of heterosexual marriage."

He also writes that for two years after the U.S. Supreme Court had overruled the ban on gay sex, Perry signed a measure that allowed citizens to amend the Texas constitution to ban marriage by same-sex couples for good.

Then there is Perry's latest video campaign ad (which is currently the most "disliked" video on YouTube), where he slams gays for serving openly in the military.

Before Perry's most-disliked-video ad was posted online, a Ron Paul supporter took out an ad attacking Perry back in August, EDGE reported.

The supporter, Robert Morrow, placed an ad in the Austin Chronicle, which asked "Have you ever had sex with Rick Perry?"

"Are you a stripper, an escort, or just a 'young hottie' impressed by an arrogant, entitled governor of Texas?" the ad asks. "Contact CASH [Committee Against Sexual Hypocrisy], and we will help you publicize your direct dealings with a Christian-buzzwords-spouting, 'family values' hypocrite and fraud."

"Note to gay people," the ad's text reads. "If you know the truth about Rick, please QUIT covering for him."


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