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True Blood - The Complete Season 4

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jun 12, 2012
True Blood - The Complete Season 4

"True Blood" is a television powerhouse that magically has everything you could possibly want - sex, suspense and mythical creatures. The fourth season, available on DVD, explores both the magical side of the "True Blood" universe and the darker more secret side of all of the characters on the show, not to mention, lots of Alexander Skarsgard and Joe Manganiello....nude.

The Blu-Ray/DVD combo is robust. Not only does it have both formats of the show but it also has a digital downloadable version. The DVD version, included in the pack just has the episodes, however the Blu-Ray and downloadable versions have their own special features.

The downloadable version of the show on iTunes includes a recap of the series in a quick 5 minute joke reel and a recap of the entire third season by the cast. There is also a profile of Fairies in the mythology of the show.

The Blu-Ray version of the show includes background info from the show writers. There is also a featurette called "True Blood Final Touches" where show creator Alan Ball reviews the post production process of the series' notable special effects.

The show transcends guilty pleasure to the television equivalent of crack addiction.

There are commentaries by the show's memorable cast including Anna Paquin, Skarsgard and series guest star Fiona Shaw. The Blu-Ray also includes relationship and character profiles that interactively offer backstories on what has been happening in Bon Temps between Season 3 and Season 4.

There is also a flashback/flash-forward feature that tracks the importance of pivitol events in the series.

"True Blood" is unstoppable and the series isn't going anywhere. The show transcends guilty pleasure to the television equivalent of crack addiction. Season 4 manages to deliver twists, turns and titillating sex appeal. This set will be a great addition to feed your addiction.

"True Blood: The Complete Fourth Season"
DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital Copy

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