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Get Fit and Skinny

by Kyle Washburn
Health & Fitness Editor
Friday Jun 8, 2012

Contributed in part by Briana Gustafson

Get serious about shedding pounds and getting healthy with fitness extraordinaire and trainer to the stars Bob Harper. He shares the skinny on getting skinny.

The following tips are Harper's skinny rules to practice and live by. Sticking to these tips daily in conjunction with taking Harper's supplement line, Smart Success and working out will help you shed the pounds and flatten that belly.

  • Make it your pre-meal policy to drink a large glass of water prior to every meal. 30-minutes before eating breakfast and dinner take Harper's Smart Weight Loss. End your day by preparing yourself for a good start to the next by putting a large glass of water on your bed stand and drink it in the morning as soon as you wakeup.

  • Research shows that consuming a couple cups of black coffee each day produces the following benefits - lower rates of diabetes, enhanced and clearer thinking and more robust anti-inflammatory gene expression. Black coffee or espresso is the best and besides the stimulation you feel your appetite will decrease while your calorie burning increases. Remember, moderation, limit consumption to two cups of coffee per day.

  • There are few foods in life that you should consume every single day. Apples and berries are two foods that should be eaten daily, as these fruits are rich in phytochemicals that help out your metabolism and act as a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. Even better, berries and apples seem to push down bad cholesterol and its harmful effects on your heart and arteries.

  • Although this is tough try your best not to consume any carbohydrates after lunch. Snack on fiber, vegetables, fresh fruit or protein instead of hitting the carbs. Remember to eat lean and green (especially in the evenings).

  • Get adequate sleep. Believe it or not sleep is an ingredient in your weight-loss diet. Avoid alcohol consumption after 8pm. People think that alcohol aids the sleep process; however alcohol is a depressant and is a form of sugar. Sugar destabilizes the low metabolic state needed to sustain sleep.

    To help you stick to the skinny rules, Bob Harper has come out with Smart Success, a line of weight loss supplements designed to help users lose weight or maintain their optimal weight. Different from every other supplement on the shelves, Smart Success was created by Harper aligned with his healthy living strategy. The supplements are gentle enough on the body, while providing a natural boost as a dietary supplement helping to shed the pounds. Harper promotes a healthy diet and active lifestyle, but knows that everyone needs the motivating boost to get started that is the reason he created Smart Success. Smart Weight Loss is dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan friendly, and is designed with a clinically proven key weight loss ingredient complex that delivers powerful results. Implementing the above rules and combining with Harper's Smart Weight Loss and exercise will get you on the right track to slimming down and getting healthy.

  • Kyle Washburn is the National Health and Fitness Editor at Edge Publications, Inc. He earned a BS in Physiology, M.Ed in Sport Psychology and Counseling and an MBA. He is a certified personal trainer through NASM and ACE and has been training for over ten years. He is an avid triathlete, softball and tennis player, runner, hiker and enjoys the outdoors.


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