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To Same Sex Kiss or Not Same Sex Kiss?

Wednesday Jan 30, 2013

Michael Musto at the Village Voice reported yesterday about a same-sex kiss that is being cut from an upcoming production.

No, it is not happening in Manhattan, but in Dallas, at the city's Lyric Stage where a production of a long-forgotten Frank Loesser musical "Pleasures and Palaces" recently completed its run.

In it one actor was to have a comic, same-sex kiss with another.

Then, according to Musto, a "source tells me that one of the men, actor Bryant Martin, announced approximately a week before opening that he objected to the kiss on religious grounds.

"Rather than cutting him, they cut the bit.

"I didn't know institutionalized bigotry was allowed as an excuse to interfere with the creative process.

"I'd love to get Bryant's point of view, but he doesn't seem to be on Facebook or Twitter, so I've reached out to the Lyric's managing director and am awaiting a reply.

"It's been over a day and she must be pleasuring herself in her palace because she's not answering," quipped Musto in conclusion.

We might be trading in stereotypes here, but from the looks of the Lyric's line-up, they have pretty gay-friendly season. In addition to "Pleasures and Palaces," they recently completed an acclaimed production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Oklahoma!" and next up is a production of the little-seen Rodgers and Hart 1939 show "Too Many Girls," as well as "The Music Man."

Next season includes "Mame" and a new musical based on "The Glass Menagerie."

Please, does it get much gayer than that?

But should the theater have fired the actor or cut the kiss?


  • , 2013-01-30 20:59:19

    It depends...if the kiss was there from the beginning and the actor knew about it when he accepted the role, then he should be fired. If the kiss is something that came up in rehearsal and he was uncomfortable with it, then not. At the same time, if I was the director or the theatre, I still wouldn’t hire this guy again. In 2013, it’s not acceptable for an actor to be uncomfortable with this kind of stuff. He should go work in an office and let somebody a bit more open-minded get the part.

  • Roger Professional Actor, 2013-02-13 01:15:11

    I agree with Jere. Bryant should have familiarized himself with the script prior to committing to the director and production because it’s not all about him and what he is comfortable with, but about the entire cast who also put a lot of energy and dedication into it. As an actor, it’s your responsibility to do the research on the script and if questions or concerns arise, address them immediately to the director. I do not agree with cutting the scene, regardless of the reasons (unless medical). I am not a drug addict in real life but that will not prevent me from playing one either on stage or in film for the sake of the project. That is called professionalism. The role of the actor is to bring life into a character and your beliefs are part of you, not the character. Case in point, you may believe in what you wish but don’t force it onto the entire production and have your prejudices become the entire group’s point of view.

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