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Young Adults Swipe Right on Tinder, But is It Just a Game?

By Tali Abrel | Feb 11
Online dating services are now hip with young adults, but not always for dating.

Dolly Parton and Sister Stella Head Out on Tour

MUSIC | By EDGE | Feb 12
Stella Parton is honoring her iconic sister with "Mountain Songbird: A Sister's Tribute," an album of re-recorded songs previously made famous by Dolly, with whom she will go on tour.

Bob Odenkirk on "Better Call Saul," Career in Comedy

The Emmy-nominated show's first season averaged nearly six million viewers per episode.

Cinema Review :: Deadpool

MOVIES | By Kevin Taft | Feb 12
Cheeky and vulgar, Marvel's R-rated superhero offering is familiar in terms of story, but wholly fun and original in its execution.

Cinema Review :: Touched With Fire

MOVIES | By Kilian Melloy | Feb 12
Like the sun and moon, the two bipolar characters in this romance orbit one another at their peril -- but cannot break away. Eventually it's clear they have to choose: Their love, or their lives.

Cinema Review :: Where To Invade Next

MOVIES | By Joseph Pisano | Feb 12
With his latest documentary, Michael Moore has matured into a kinder, gentler provocateur.